Extrusion Tips & Dies + Cleaning Equipment

Extrusion Tooling

UNITEK extrusion tools are made of state-of-the-art materials only and are famous for their extreme accuracy and durability. We offer a large variety of tool designs from standardized to fully customized tools in order to meet every extrusion requirement. High quality and precise extrusion tooling will result in higher concentricity cable insulation, resulting in lower insulation cost.
  • Hardened Steel
  • Tungsten carbide
  • Diamond Tipped wire guides
  • Inconel + UNALLOY™
  • Precision finished for fixed center crossheads
Extrusion Tooling

Cleaning Equipment

The UNICLEAN machines are an extrusion parts and tooling cleaning chamber which use plastic based blasting media to remove burned and old compounds that are adhered to various extrusion parts. The blasting process is not harmful or damaging to the tooling. A clean and surface of tooling and parts ensures for a high quality final extruded part, as all tooling and crosshead parts fit together precisely.
  • Cleaning of Extrusion Tooling
  • Cleaning of Extrusion Screws
  • Cleaning of crosshead parts
  • Non-destructive blasting media
  • Automatic screw cleaning available
UNICLEAN Extrusion Cleaning System