PlasmaDEGREASER was designed to remove oil/grease lubricants from wire surface for applications such as welding wire, medical wire, plating (ferrous/non-ferrous). Plasma is flame/gas that reaches deep into the cracks, fractures and cavities in the crystal structure of the material. This allows PlasmaDEGREASER to de-grease the surface deep into the cracks of the material and removes all traces of the lubricants. The trials have shown that the plasma degreasing results in evidently better surface cleanliness than acid based processes. Unlike acid cleaning, PlasmaDEGREASER does not damage the wire surface, but retains surface composition. The results of plasma degreasing are comparable to the results achieved by electrochemical polishing.

Trials have shown that PlasmaDEGREASER is a clean alternative to acid pickling used for applications that require super clean surface such as welding wire. Plasma degreasing has proved to be more cost effective than electrochemical polishing.

PlasmaDEGREASER Applications :

  • Electro-Plating: Surface preparation for plating applications (ferrous & non-ferrous)
  • Hot-Dip Plating: Surface preparation for plating applications (ferrous & non-ferrous)
  • Welding wire: Degreasing of the finished product
  • Medical wire: Degreasing and surface cleaning of the finished product
  • Magnet wire: degreasing and annealing prior to enameling

PlasmaDEGREASER Benefits :

  • Outstanding surface cleanliness
  • No loss of base material, unlike acid pickling
  • Simple and cost effective alternative to electrochemical polishing
  • Small and compact unit: length 1m 5m subject to application
  • Can be installed in-line with the drawing machine
  • Small operation and maintenance costs