Reel Moving Equipment + Spool Moving Device

Reel handling equipment is imperative to safe manoeuvring of reels and spools within a factory. We supply various handling equipment including the reel pushing and spool manoeuvring devices detailed below.

MRE Battery Operated Reel Movers

For larger diameter wooden and steel reels, we offer 3 capacity reel movers. These units are designed to move reels up to 65,000 lbs (30,000 kg). The units use traction wheels to push or pull reels.
Battery Operated Reel Mover

Features of Battery Operated Reel Movers

  • Long Battery Life
  • Wide face thrust rollers : 6.3 inches (161 mm)
  • Variable speed through rotating grip
  • Reversible S-Handle to pull or push reels and use right & left
  • Eco-friendly 24 Volt lithium battery
  • Plug & Play battery (quick battery changes in less than 10 seconds)
  • Battery status and diagnostic LED
  • High power unit with 3 different motor size/capacity
  • 33,000 44,000 65,000 lbs
Battery Operated Reel Mover

Reel Walker

For safe reel and spool handling of reels up to 48 (1250 mm), we offer an innovative solution. The ReelWalker is designed to allow operators to walk reels and spools throughout the facility with ease and to avoid any strains and injuries.
Reel Walker

Common issues while moving or turning reels by hand

  • Back strain / injury
  • Pinched fingers when placing reels
  • Cut fingers from burs in reels

Features of ReelWalkers

  • Steel Tubing-Curved for leverage
  • 3 Different Handle lengths
    • For reels 12" 48"
  • Different Arbor sizes
    • 1.25", 2", 3", 5"
  • Free Rotating shaft with anti-slip coating
  • Capacity up to 1,450 lbs (650 kg)
  • Anti-slip Hand-grip
  • Finishing: Powder-coated
Reel Walker