Wire Machinery Spare Parts : Ceramics + Slip Rings

Part of our accessories for wire manufacturing, we offer a line of OEM spare parts for wire drawing and stranding machinery. This product line includes ceramic drawing rings for numerous European wire drawing machines as well as north American Syncro drawing machines. OEM Slip rings are also available for most European made cable stranding and bunching machines.

Ceramic Wire Drawing Rings and Wear Parts

Ceramic wear parts for all types of wire drawing machines, and cable manufacturing equipment is available. Drawing rings, step-cones, and capstans, guiding eyelets and ceramic insert pulleys are standard items that we specialize on. We specialize in high quality items to superior surface quality.
Ceramic Wire Drawing Rings and Wear Parts


  • Wire drawing rings and cone assemblies
  • Syncro wire drawing rings
  • European drawing machinery
  • Niehoff, SAMP, Eurodraw, Henrich, Sictra
  • Ceramic insert guide pulleys
  • Eyelets and guides


  • Zirconium Oxide : High thermal stability with fine grain size for superior product finish
  • Aluminum Oxide : Elevated temperature resistance, with higher grain hardness


  • Ceramic rings can be polished to achieve a surface which yields higher wire quality
  • Re-polishing of worn rings is also possible


  • Plastic or aluminum flanged pulleys
  • Ceramic insert wear ring
  • TC spray coating on wear ring
  • Roller bearing

Slip Rings & Brushes : Bunchers, Stranders, Cablers

In order to satisfy the needs of cable manufacturers, we have a detailed array of OEM slip-rings, brushes, and brush-holders. These items are manufactured to the highest quality in order to satisfy the requirements of the high speed rotating equipment.

Application of Slip Rings in Cable Stranding Machinery

The use of slip rings is required for the transmission of power and signals from the stationary part of the machinery to the rotating part of the machine. At high rotational speeds the concentricity of the transmission rings is extremely critical, and thus extra care is taken to offer a high quality component in this respect.
  • OEM European cable machinery designs
  • Ideal fit for stranding machinery
  • Lower costs
  • Highly concentric
  • Durable brass transmission rings
  • Special divider insulating rings
  • Brushes in composite carbon construction
  • Brush-holders in various assemblies
Slip Rings & Brushes : Bunchers, Stranders, Cablers

Custom Slip Ring Construction and Design

We understand the need to design products to suit specific application or to find a cost effective means for existing assemblies currently used. We are able to satisfy all your custom requirements, as each assembly is manufactured to suit. Contact us with your designs or requirements, and we will satisfy your requirements.
Slip Rings and Brushes