Wire Baskets & Tubular Carriers

Fabricated steel wire baskets and wire carriers are designed and manufactured using high quality steel tubing as well as sheet metal for the coiling of wire. A solid basket is often used in house for rod break-down and then used subsequently in wire drawing of large stranders for power cables. Wire carriers are used for coiling and packaging wire from wire drawing equipment, and are then used as in-house or shipping packages.

Wire Coiling Baskets

  • Manufactured from high quality tubing
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Various sizes per application
  • Standard sizes per coiler
BT  Wire Coiling Baskets

Wire Carrier

  • Manufactured from high quality tubing
  • Light-to-heavy duty constructions
  • Square, clover & star base
  • Sizes as per request
WC  Wire Carrier