Basket & Rod Pay-Off Systems

These pay-off systems allow for efficient and easy pay-off operation of coiled wire in baskets or simple coils.

BSK: Modular Basket Pay-off System

  • Compact design allows for pay-off of 2 Baskets + 2 Waiting Baskets
  • Automatic switch over from empty to full basket
  • With external tension regulation
  • Can be coupled with accumulator system
  • Ceramic inserts in light weight guiding pulleys
  • Easily customized for various applications
  • Saves space, and increases production efficiency
BSK: Modular Basket Pay-off System

Rod Pay-Off systems are available for different coil sizes and in a variety of executions :

  • Single position, drawing line independent
  • Single position attached to drawing machine
  • Dual position with manual change over
  • Dual position with automatic change over
  • Single and dual position drag pipe systems
Rod Pay-Off systems