Tension Control Systems

Proper wire tensioning is critical to any wire and cable production application, and HOWAR Equipment's special designs and tools allow companies various options to achieve proper tension using the equipment below.

If you have wires which go into machinery at unequal tensions, or if tension varies throughout the production run, as simple tension equalizer may increase your cable's consistency quite significantly.

TEQ: Tension Equalizer

  • Available for wire sizes from 38 - 4 AWG
  • Configurations for 7, 19 and 37 wires, others on request
  • Reduces operator input requirements drastically
  • Increases Productivity and machine performance
  • Reduces scrap resulting from incorrect wire tensioning
  • Maintains equal tension from full to empty reel without needing adjustment
  • Insures equal wire tension all wires in a layer
  • Tension control mechanical, electromagnetic or pneumatic
Tension Control Systems