Howar Equipment Inc. was created to specifically service wire and cable manufacturers. The product line is dedicated to accessories and auxiliary equipment needed to manufacture wire and cable.

The background of our personnel includes wire drawing, wire bunching cable stranding, and extrusion machinery knowledge. This in depth understanding and knowledge aids in the integration of the integration of accessories to the entire manufacturing program.

The philosophy of the company is driven around understanding the entire manufacturing process in order to offer solutions when it comes to supplying wire and cable manufacturing accessories.

"Providing Solutions, not just Products"
HOWAR Equipment Company Photo


We devote ourselves to finding and supplying the best solution to our customers requirements. When it comes to the accessories needed for wire and cable manufacturing we ensure that these integrate seamlessly with the manufacturing equipment.


Howar Equipment has a close network of European manufacturers which it represents for each specific product line. Additionally, local manufacturing at one of our 3 facilities allows us to supply locally fabricated products.


Our 40 year industry experience sets us apart from any other company, as well as having dedicated product managers who are experts in their respective field. Specific knowledge and work in the machinery fields of stranding, wire drawing and extrusion supplements our capability to supply solutions to manufacturing needs.