Wire and Cable Manufacturing Accessories

Accessories for the manufacturing of wire & cable is our focus. With over 35 years industry experience, we pride ourselves in being able to supply solutions rather than just products.

We have in depth knowledge and understanding of wire drawing, bunching, stranding and extrusion which allows us to aid in beneficial solutions to common and new production applications.

With in-house manufacturing capabilities, to a dedicated network of partners that each have specialized in their respective field, we have the widest selection of products to service all wire and cable manufacturing needs.

Product categories are serviced by dedicated product managers in the following departments:

Manufacturing Equipment

  • Pay-offs & Take-ups + Wire Tension Control Equipment
  • Insulation Cross-section Measurement Equipment
  • PLASMA Wire Surface & Heat Treatment Equipment
  • Reel Movers + Manoeuvring; Battery + Manual Reel Movers
  • Shielding Tapes for Wire & Cable
  • Consulting - Cable Stranding, bunching

Processing Accessories

  • Steel Reels for Production and Shipping
  • Large diameter Shipping Reels
  • Reel and Coil Handling Apparatus
  • Mechanical Wire Descalers and Wire Brushing Units
  • Wire Straighteners, Guides and Traverse Units
  • Wire Pointers and String-up Units
  • Rotating Die Holders
  • Ceramics

Extrusion Accessories

  • Extrusion Crossheads
  • Automatic Color Change Systems
  • Extrusion Tips and Dies
  • Extrusion Tool Cleaning
  • Cable Shielding Tapes
  • Extrusion Dosing & Mixing - Volumetric and Gravimetric Systems