Wire & cable manufacturing accessories is what we have dedicated ourselves to supplying. Our experience and specialized managers allow us to supply solutions for all wire industry applications.

We have partnered with only the best manufacturers for specific products, which allows us to build on a solid platform of quality and effective solutions to wire manufacturing needs.

- Steel Reels Large Diameter Steel Reels - Reel Handling Equipment - Extrusion Crossheads Jacketing Crossheads - Wire Payoffs - Wire Takeups - Wire Taping Lines EMI Shielding Tapes Foil Laminated Shielding Tapes Wire Insulation - Bunching and Stranding - Wire Straighteners - Wire Guides - Ceramics - Rotating die Holder - Mechanical Descaler - Wire Surface Treatment - Insulation Measurement - Sliprings - Wire Drawing - Wire Pointers -