May 2019
InterWire Trade Exposition 2019 - May 14th, 15th and 16th - Atlanta, GA - Booth # 1241

  • Visit our booth at InterWire 2019! This is the premier trade show for the wire and cable manufacturing industry.

November 2012
BOXY Spa. - Steel Reels Product Line

  • Complete line of steel reels for the manufacturing of wire and cable. Line includes wire drawing reels, buncher reels, extrusion reels, and a comprehensive line of collapsible reels and reel handling equipment.

November 2009
WTM Srl. Wire & cable taping lines part of Howar

  • Italy’s WTM has specialized itself in the design and manufacturing of precision cable taping lines with the need of customers to produce high quality cables for special applications.

May 2009
Bock GMBH wire pointers added to Howar product line

  • Highest quality wire pointers for wire and bar drawing applications is designed and manufactured in Germany by BOCK. Units are renown for the durability and ease of use, with special focus on safety for the operators.

June 2008
UNITEK's Extrusion crossheads of Austria, representation added to Howar group

  • Complete line of high quality and durable extrusion crossheads for the wire & cable industry. Leading designs of fixed center crossheads with the innovation of automatic color change units have set Unitek apart from the competition.

September 2006
PLAMAIT's Plasma heat & surface treatment equipment represented by Howar

  • Revolutionary wire heat & surface treatment systems through the use of plasma technology, which far outperform conventional furnaces and cleaning machinery.

May 2005
GMP-Slovakia reels and reel handling equipment added to Howar products

  • Largest array of steel reels and handling equipment. GMP has a vast history of steel reels manufacturing and engineering knowledge, allowing for proper solutions to reel requirements.

September 2004
New Off-Line Cable Measuring Equipment

  • Saving insulation material through the proper implementation of off-line measurement equipment which measures and supplies valuable data through specific programs and equipment for accurate and repeatable results.

July 2004
Local Manufacturing of Large Reels

  • With the growing need of large reels, Howar has established a local manufacturing capability to service the needs of corrugated flange and structural steel flange reels in North America.

June 2004
Slip Rings, Brushes and Brush Holders

  • OEM Sliprings for Lesmo stranders and bunchers offered by Howar’s spare parts division

May 2004
Metavan Pressed Steel reels with Howar

  • Pressed steel reels manufactured by Metavan of Belgium using completely automated equipment is added to Howar steel reels division


Visit us at the InterWire trade event in Atlanta, GA.
May 14th - 16th, 2019