Off-Line Cable Measurement and Analysis Tools

The KSM® Measuring System is not only a dimensional verification tool but, more importantly, a tool allowing the user to reduce material costs significantly.

Cross-sectional measurement technology of cables, tubes and profiles took a quantum leap with the introduction of the KSM® Measurement System: An ultra fast method accurately determining all vital dimensions of the cross-section under examination without having to rely on human judgement.

Most commonly measuring of cable cross sections is done today by manually operated shadow graphs or measuring microscope. Evaluations made both by ACM and our customers show that the variation in outcome is at least 5 - 7%, and in some cases even more. Considering the cost of material, which according to our knowledge is up to 70% of the total cable cost, this will result in the substantial savings if you can measure with KSM having better than 99.9% repeat accuracy.

The KSM® Measurement System allows the user to precisely measure all desired data in only seconds.

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Key Benefits :

  • Fully Automatic Measurement
  • Highly Reliable and Repeatable Results
  • User-friendly and self-explanatory windows menus
  • Ultra Fast Measurements
  • Storage of Measured Data
  • Expandable

Accessories and Options :

  • DSM–Die Measurement system
  • KSM - Software
  • LUP Push-Out Device
  • KSM-LDB Database
  • HKS - Cutting Tool
  • KKN 95 – Cutting Tool
  • KSM - Trend
  • HKS-RT Knife
  • KKN120 – Cutting Tool
  • KSM - Filter
  • AM-Cutting Tool
  • GIL120 Cutting Tool

Information Request :

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