Mechanical Wire Descaler with Wire Brushing Unit

Mechanical wire descalers with subsequent wire brushing are employed in line with wire drawing equipment in order to clean rod and wire of its mill scale and surface rust. These unit clean the rod or wire prior to entering the wire drawing machine, thus improving draw ability and reducing die wear by means of a smooth and clean wire. Such a unit eliminates the need to chemically descale the wire in a previous/separate process.

The brushing units are also suitable to remove residual lubricants or debris by implementation of other less abrasive brushes.
Mechanical Wire Descaler

The Advantages of Mechanical Wire Descalers

  • Environmentally Friendly No chemicals
  • In-Line with Drawing Machinery - Installed in front of machinery to clean wire as needed
  • Reduced Die Wear - Smooth wire reduces friction on die
  • Improved Lubrication of Wire - Lubricant adheres well to descaled and brushed wire
  • Small Foot Print - Unit occupies little space
  • Improved Wire finish - All scale and surface rust removed to allow for bright wire finish

Characteristics of FA/SO Descalers + Brushing Units

  • Reverse Bend Rollers - 6~8 tungsten carbide fused coated rollers
  • Hydraulic reverse bend roller Easy setup of new wire without need to bend wire around rollers
  • Wire Diameters - Up to 0.55" high carbon steel
  • Line Speed - Up to 1000 ft/min (5 m/sec) wire entrance
  • Scale Collection - Hard scale collected in tray
  • Dust Collection - Vacuum System on Brushing unit
  • Orbital + Rotating Brushing Head - Brushes rotate and revolve around wire
Mechanical Wire Descaler

Characteristics of Brushing Units

  • Stand alone wire brushing machine
  • 2 rotating brushes wide surface contact
  • Brushing Head Rotates around wire + brushes rotate
  • Safety enclosure sealed unit with safety interconnect
  • Durable brushes Up to 500 tons descaling
  • Finer Brushes For surface cleaning after drawing
  • 24 mm (0.95") diameter wire/tube max
Mechanical Wire Descaler